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10 tips for an amazing and SEO-friendly blog post

Posted by Rahul Kale on Thu, 15/12/2022


A blog post is an entry article that is written on a blog. writing a blog is skillful work, to create an SEO-friendly blog post is an added advantage. A blog keeps readers interested and engaged, so while writing one must think about the structure of the blog and the text should be appealing. Readers must get the idea of your post by providing heading subheadings, and paragraphs.. This helps them to grasp the exact idea of your blog post. Once the reader understands and likes the content, they may share, tweet, like, and link to your post, which will result in an increase in your rankings. Thus, it is important to improve, maximize and write skillful content. The analysis tool in SEO integration company India named 4FOX Solutions, helps you write readable and SEO-friendly blog posts.

Before you start

The first step you should do is keyword research. To dominate the search result, research which words are being searched by the audience. Once you find keywords, merge them in your blog post. To optimize posts to rank higher in the search engines, here we provide you with some tips to create a perfect blog.

1. Know Your Audience: Before you start your writing journey, first you must understand for whom you are writing. Many times the target audience or reader is a specific group and for them, the content is originally meant to be.

2. Make a clear Structure: Content is king. Write in a natural and engaging tone so that readers will stay engaged. Make a clear content structure for your blog post. Every post must include:

  • Introduction of the topic

  • The main body of the topic

  • Conclusion part

3. Focus on Quality and Quantity: Don’t make your content lengthy. An ideal blog should be 300-600 words. Make sure all the information related to the topic is covered in the blog. Keep the quality of the blog and make it crisp and creative so that the audience is engaged till the end.

4. Meta Descriptions: To get a good search engine ranking use meta descriptions. A meta description is a small text description that appears below the blog title. A keyword appearing in the meta description will always backfire.

5. Link With Previous Articles: It creates a sense of authority on the subject when you link your blog to the previous article. This spurs the page view and turns a higher ranking in the search engines. External links instigate a sense of trust among the readers.

6. Use Paragraphs, Headings, and Subheadings: To engage users, break down the structure of your text into different parts. Break the body into subheadings and paragraphs so that it will be easy for the reader to understand. The paragraphs in a blog post should be short and concise.

7. The Blog Should Be Updated: Update the content of previous blog posts periodically. Publishing the content once or twice a week will help search engines to know that your website is alive and has resources of information that will help in higher SEO ranking. Also, it will put an impact on readers that there is no outdated content on your website or blog.

8. Get Second Opinion: Before publishing the blog make sure to proofread it. While writing in a flow there are chances of grammatical mistakes. So before publishing the blog take a second opinion to get a bias-less opinion of the changes to be made in your content.

9. Encourage Sharing and Commenting: Share your blog post on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and others. Also, encourage the visitors to comment and share.

10. Take a Second Opinion: These are some of the important points to keep in mind while writing a blog post. The era where content is king which leads to liking, sharing, tweeting, and returning visitors to your website. Start choosing the important search term you want people to find.

SEO expert India 4Fox Solutions, offers you outstanding results and contentment with its all services. Our plugin runs all kinds of checks and concludes whether the post is optimized or needs improvement in it.

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