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Posted by Ishwar Hire on Tue, 8/02/2022

COVID has certainly changed the dynamics of the IT industry. As a businessman, one needs to cohere to the latest UI UX trends. UI/UX trends are altered based on the varying taste of the user.

A user visits thousands of websites every day and as a businessman, everyone is trying to grab the attention of the visitor. Standing out from the competitors is hard to crack nowadays. The online platform that grabs the attention is the one that scores the game.

A good design surely adds value and makes your customers visit you again. Though, the design is changing all the time. Each year, UI trends change, new features are introduced, and out-dated versions lose their way. So, you need to stay updated and keep your business up to date as well.

In this article, we study the latest UI/UX trends that help you in your business growth. So let's dive into

What is UI/UX?

UI/UX is becoming a popular term and it’s also becoming better known in the industry.

UX or User Experience essentially understands the customer their needs and designing an experience for the customer according to that which covers various aspects such as tech, such as understanding needs, what they see, what they experience with all their senses is what user experience is all about. A user experience with your site is known as User Experience.

A UX/UI Designer is responsible for creating user-friendly interfaces and helps the clients to better understand the use of technological products

UI or user interface is one part of the user experience, it’s one of the touch points the customer interfaces with, that is what they see and that’s what they touch now there is on touch devices or if it’s a computer then it’s something that you use online but that interface that communicated the brand or the service to the customer is the user interface and because that is a very important way or the very useful way to communicate with the customer, it plays a huge role in the communication of the service or the product to the customer.

User Experience/ User Interface Design Trends


If we talk in terms of Design, then less is always more, a golden rule of website design. Limiting the number of colors, trying different proportions and compositions are good. It's because an average user sees many discount ads and gets constant notifications and the designer always try to simplify the way they present information.

Simplified UX

Avoid inserting extra steps which users found non-mandatory. Try to minimize the elements. Now the latest UX is Simplified registration and sign-in. Users don't want to remember extra passwords, so making use of their phone number as a password is a bit simplified. If you can omit unnecessary steps, do it. If you can omit some fields in the form, do it.

Blurred, colorful background

User Interface design helps to make the website more stylish, elegant, and eye-soothing. In earlier use, 2-3 colors in linear gradients were in trend but now it goes up to 10. In short, an overlay is trending now. However, you need to be careful while playing with the gradients.


Neomorphism is gaining popularity because of its subtle yet original appearance that merges skeuomorphism with flat design. At present, the main purpose of products is to produce different user interface items utilizing geomorphic.

Unique and absurd 2D illustrations

2D illustrations contribute to several aspects of design in production, including Environment design, Prop design, PreVis design, drawers, clean-up, rotations, and color design. Illustrations stay on top of user interface trends. It is getting fancier with time. The picture quality is in SVG format because like other formats such as PNG, GIF, and JPEG the picture quality is damaged when we increase the screen resolution and this is not the issue in SVG format. Because the vector format can be increased and decreased with no loss in quality.

(VUI )Voice User Interface

Users may use voice commands to engage with a UI or to talk. A voice-activated interface prevents consumers from using the interface. UX design teams compete with the latest upgrades and advances in this industry more than ever before. VUI is widely used in apps for translation.

It hears in your language and translates into the language you want. ALEXA, SIRI is the best example of a voice user interface. With VUI you can easily communicate with people who do not know your language.

Mobile-first approach

Never ignore mobile accessibility as almost a 5.27billion people use a mobile phone and the chances of using social media platforms are 90%. So what if you ignore mobile visibility and more focus on the desktop appearance of your website? In this case, you lose a large amount of audience from your end. So always use the mobile approach in mind and create and design your website accordingly.


Icons are generally visually expressing objects, actions, and ideas. To communicate with the user we need different UI/UX. There are different picture representations of icons that are visually appealing. Conveying meaning in less space and creative ways is more powerful. Choose icons from the same family as they are the same size.

It is also vital to understand that not all UX design trends are required for a product or website. The usefulness could only be complicated. We would rather keep up with the trends and only use them if they match the needs of your users and are likely to be working for your company.


In 2021, design is something less complicated, more diverse, delightful, and satisfactory. Make sure you adhere to all these trends for reaching out to the million customers out there. Hope these trends are helpful for you to know where we stand in UI/UX nowadays. UI/UX design is to help users achieve their goals. Always ensure the design is relevant and valuable for consumers.

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